Why Choose A Specialist?

Veterinary Specialists are clinicians, board certified in their field of expertise, who offer their services as an extension of the general practitioner and supplement, not replace your pet’s primary health care.

By referring a difficult eye case, your veterinarian is demonstrating the utmost concern for the health of your pet’s eyes.

Throughout the course of treatment for your pet’s eye problem, Animal Eye Consultants will keep your regular veterinarian informed of diagnosis, progress, changes in medication, and surgical intervention via fax and/or phone.

Please note: Cases are seen on a referral basis. Your referring veterinarian may provide some follow up care.

Our Practice

We are a specialty practice dealing exclusively with diagnosis and the medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases of animals.

All types of creatures are treated at Animal Eye Consultants from dogs and cats, plus horses*, birds, reptiles and more.


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Special Announcement:

Effective Monday, January 28 2013,

Animal Eye Consultants proudly presents the Grand Opening of our state of the art facility, located at 2475 Westfield Drive, Elgin IL.  Please take note of our new location address and information while setting a new appointment or a return visit.  We appreciate your continued business, and look forward to serving your needs.

Thank You